Your audience deserves better than slick tactics and a crappy 'newsletter'.

    So do you.


    When we look at marketing as anything less than a deeply human effort to connect and engage our work with its ideal audience, we diminish that work and the incredible impact it can have with the right people. And that's when we start feeling like we need to take a shower and just call the whole thing off.


    Your audience deserves better, and so does your creative work.


    What if, like the things you make, your marketing was a gift?


    Marketing is not shameless self-promotion. In fact, it's not really about you at all. It's about others, what you can do for them with your creativity, and how well you communicate that to a growing audience who loves what you make and do.


    When you adopt this paradigm, your marketing changes forever. It becomes easier. More human. Less affected. Your marketing becomes a give rather than a take. When you put your work into the world like this, everything changes.


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  • Who is this guy?

    My name is David duChemin. I'm a life-long creative and entrepreneur. A former comedian turned humanitarian photographer, best-selling author, and podcaster, I have made both a life and a living from my creativity, for over 30 years, and I want to help you do the same.


    You can find my photography here and I welcome you to explore the Christmas pilgrimage in northern Ethiopia, to swim with whales in Tonga, or meet the Spirit Bears in Canada's beautiful Great Bear Rainforest. You can find many of my books here on Amazon, and my podcast, A Beautiful Anarchy, here.